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Team and collaborators

Many people have been involved with Extraordinary Brains since it started, including neurodiverse/genderdiverse advisors, guest authors, scientists and neuropsychologists. 

Here is the core team at the moment, as well as a list of other contributors. 

Kajsa Igelström

Curious, introspective and mostly harmless. Balances brain science and outreach work and a neurodiverse brain of her own. Kajsa has a PhD from New Zealand, research experience from Princeton, and has recently settled in Sweden to build up a research lab and a life. Founded Extraordinary Brains in 2017.

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Jennifer Smuda

Jennifer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in southern Germany. She greatly enjoys baking, spending time in nature, and working on the Extraordinary Brains team.

Maria Strömberg

Maria is has a background in engineering and teaching, and has worked as a teacher, project manager, and in product and process development, among other things. Now she does research at Linkoping University and hopes to contribute to the autism community, both through her research and her own experiences of ADHD and autism. 

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Joost Wiskerke

Joost is a cognitive neuroscientist who recently joined Linköping University after successful PhD studies in Amsterdam and postdoctoral work at Princeton and Rutgers Universities (New Jersey, USA). Joost has been part of the Extraordinary Brains project since its inception. Originally from the Netherlands, he converged with Kajsa, Maggie, Jenny and Abby during his postdoc in Princeton NJ. 

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Lina Liman

Lina is a journalist and the author of an autobiography about her own long journey towards an autism diagnosis. She gives lectures to spread sorely needed autism knowledge among health professionals and others, and works with Extraordinary Brains to collect and disseminate information about autistic women’s experiences.  

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Maggie Pecsok
Guest blogger & advisor

Maggie met Kajsa and Joost at Princeton University and became part of the core trio that started the project. In pursuit of a service-oriented career, dedicated to helping the neurodiverse maximize their skill sets and navigate the neurotypical world, Maggie is now on the path towards obtaining an MD/PhD. 

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Other contributors

  • Terese Ekman, guest author (Linköping, Sweden)
  • Katherine Lawrence, guest author (Exeter, UK)
  • Heléne Stern, neuropsychologist (Linköping, Sweden)
  • Dr Ella Pecsok, neuropsychologist (VA, USA) 
  • Dr Taylor Webb, scientist (Princeton NJ, USA)
  • Prof Michael Graziano, scientist (Princeton NJ, USA)
  • Abby Zoline, collaborator (Princeton NJ, USA)
  • Dr Håkan Odeberg, psychiatrist (Nyköping, Sweden)
  • Cori Frazer, advisor (PA, USA)
  • Delaine Swearman, advisor (PA, USA)
  • Emmy Lindström, advisor (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Jennifer Felden, advisor (USA)
  • Tove Carlqvist, advisor (Örebro, Sweden)
  • Agneta Björck, utbildningsansvarig på Östgöta Care och aktuell med kampanjen “Rör inte min keps!”
  • Prof Per Gustafsson, scientist and psychiatrist (Linköping, Sweden)