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Give anonymous input

The links below lead to small questionnaires, where you may write as much or as little as you want on the topics. They are anonymous, and they are not classified as formal research studies. The purpose is to create a wide communication channel from the community to our outreach team. The information may be summarized in lectures or in writing, and may thus reach many corners of society. 

We know open-ended questions can be really hard. But it’s a start, and we know from experience that many of you have a lot to tell.  


What topics would you like to see here?

Other opinions?

Being an autistic parent

For: Autistic Moms and Dads
Type: open-ended question

Ageing and autism

For: autistic people over ~45
Type: open-ended question


For: Autistic or ADHD people
Type: open-ended question

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