Connecting minds & collecing thoughts – a website for autistic and other curious people

What have we done so far?

Connected with autistic adults on Facebook

We have used our Facebook pages in English and Swedish to communicate with neurodiverse people in both hemispheres. We used online questionnaires to let people give input on various topics, from terminology around autism and gender, to personal experiences of being an adult on the spectrum. This communication is ongoing, and the information is used in these ways:

  • Publishing summaries and discussions in the Article collection
  • Sharing insights with the clinical and research communities, to improve acceptance

We helped recruit people to research studies

Our followers, comprising neurodiverse as well as neurotypical people, have shown great interest in participating in research studies. We have helped several research groups to advertise their studies on our websites. We believe this may help bridge the gap between the often-ignored adult autistic populations and scientists who would like to know more. Read more:

  • Interview study: Experiences of Late-Diagnosed autistic women. (Nursing Masters project at Linkoping University).
  • Interview study: Achieving a sustainable work situation for people with neuropsychiatric differences (OT PhD project, Linkoping University)